Building The Future Of Social To Compete With Tech Giants Does Not Happen Overnight, But It Does Happen.

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Q3 2021

Idea Formulated

Interviewed top creators with over 300 million collective following in interviews to prove idea.

Piyush Jha Joins Team | CTO Cryptocurrency Exchange [2017-2021] to team.


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Q4 2021

Launch Flic Influencer + Hack House Launch Los Angeles California with over 30 million in following in residence

Started MVP Web-App Development To Build Video Processing Pipelines + Microservices

Added Justice Webber | Founder https://CCI.University (California Creators Institute to Core Team) Fully acquired CCI under Flic umbrella.

Added Chris Joseph | Founder https://NCAL.US (National Creators Athletics League) to Core Team. Fully acquired NCAL under Flic umbrella.

Complete User Interface and User Experience

Release Whitepaper


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Q1 2022

Hired Michael Dadzie As Lead IOS / Android Developer

Launched Web-App [Testing Traction Methods For Advertising To Create Financial Models]

Begin Swissmote Development [Long Term Internal Efficiency Software]

Begin VideoLinks Development [Improved Version Of LinkTree Including Video + Links

Begin Flic Wallet Development


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Q2 2022

Finalize Scalable Backend Infastructure

Allow Polls feature in the videos

Add Crypto Wallets for Flic Users

Launch Flic Swap Allowing Trading and Swapping of Tokens

Personal support agents for creator Onboarding

Push Contacts Forward For Major CEX listings, Coinbase, Binanace, KuCoin

Sign up over 1B in Tiktok Followings who posted referring their followers to our platform

Develop In-App Video Sorting System


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Q3 2022

Launch Flic App IOS + Android MVP Displaying Unique Value Proposition

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Q4 2022

Raise Seed Funding

Expand Technical Expertise

Allow Viewers To Earn Tokens Via Watching and Creators To Earn Via Engagement

Allow choose your own story paths for Media Content

Creation of NFT Marketplace

Video sorting mechanism

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Q1 2023

List CMC & Coin Gecko

No Code Social Platform Builder Release allowing anyone to create decentralized communities accessed through Flic platform

Release Working ADs network

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Q2 2023

Allow Minting of Videos as NFT

Create Flic Applications For AR/VR App-Stores allowing viewing of Flic Feeds inside of Metaverse

Creation Of Human Powered Artificial General Intelligence

Ensure As Much As Humanity Has The Right Perspectives For When We Reach The Singularity Point